Finding Love in Miami: The New Tropic Investigates

This story was originally published on Coral Gables Love.

As a single gal in Miami, I’m always trying to find the equation to meeting the right guy. “How’d you meet your significant other?” is a question that’s always on my lips. “Does he have friends? Is he single? Would my mom like him?” are the next three questions. Some people think Miami is too shallow of a dating pool; some people wretch at the idea of swiping in Miami. “Finding love in Miami is too hard!” us singles chant in unison. But is it, really?

Miami’s The New Tropic spends each month investigating a specific topic and last month’s theme was Modern Love in Miami. They did their job right by talking to dating coaches, sex experts, and doctors. They even delved into the cutthroat world of swiping in Miami!

My perception of dating in Miami? I like dating! It’s fun! I’ve met some lovely dudes around town. Maybe only one horror story—and, honestly, it wasn’t even that bad! Have I met “the one” though? Didn’t I mention I was single in the first line of this piece? Come on, guys! Focus! So, when my friend Emily sent me an event being hosted by The New Tropic called “What’s Love Got to Do With It?” ya girl was already hooked. Three dating and relationship experts giving out free advice to a crowd full of Miami singles— it’s basically a gift to the public!

photo credit: New Tropic Miami

photo credit: New Tropic Miami

I gussied up and made my way over to WEAM, or World Erotic Art Museum. Yup, sexy stuff! We were allowed free access to the museum before and after the panel, which I gotta say is an underrated spot (again, this event was basically a gift to the public). The ceramic penis sculpture from A Clockwork Orange? Check. Nudes from Rembrandt? Check. An erotic cultural haven right in our backyard! Who would’ve known?

Anywho, after a peruse around the museum, we made our way to the panel room full of—well, mostly women. Given, there were a few couples and guys but let’s be real, it’s the girls that want the scoop on love in this town! What do single men even do on a Thursday night in Miami? Seriously though! I’m asking for myself.

It was finally time for the panel discussion hosted by the local director of The New Tropic, Natasha Del Toro. Our three dating experts included Virginia Jimenez, a Transformational Love Coach, Dan Silverman, Dating Coach and Matchmaker, and Dani Spikes, a ~Loooove~ Coach.

Each panelist brought their unique perspective on dating in Miami. To them, it’s sometimes less about the town and more about the way we’re dating and going about finding dates. According to Silverman who travels all over the country “everyone complains that their city is the worst.” Maybe there are some differences between cities, but that’s just the culture! Spikes said there’s a major issue with superficiality in Miami. Come on, Miami! Get it together. According to her “we’re not having those deep connections early in the relationship.” Ouch. Jimenez urges us to get past those superficial connections and seek out the right connection. So, less about harping on the negative and focusing on the positive. I can hang with that.

By the end of the event, I learned a lot! Our three panelists put their unique view on each question asked. When it came to finding love, Jimenez told the crowd to focus on what they want in a relationship, Spikes talked about the importance of self-love, and Silverman—I actually don’t remember what Silverman said. I tend to black out when men speak for too long, which could explain why I’m single…JUST KIDDING. Silverman gave us the male perspective on dating and got into technical details to help us when we’re out there in the real world trying to trap a man.

What a great way for a single gal to spend her Thursday night! Seriously, if you’ve got no plans or no friends in Miami, get out of your comfort zone and learn more about the city you live in by attending one of The New Tropic’s events. At the end of the panel, we had a chance to network and meet some of our fellow singles, some of which were honest about being new in town and trying different things around the city. That’s the way you do it! Be sure to stay on top of The New Tropic’s website for more events like this one!