Who is Nicky Valdes?

Nicky Valdes is a Miami-based writer, blogger, and wise gal. She writes stellar content (I mean, like, really stellar).

Nicky Valdes studied English with a Concentration in Creative Writing at Florida State University. There she committed herself to learning writing techniques such as voice, story-telling, dialogue and more from some of the country’s most prolific writers. She started writing for brands early on as an editorial intern for Refinery29. Since then she’s gone on to work for businesses, brands, and publications cultivating a specific voice, tone, and style for each client that comes her way. Through her freelance business, she’s learned the ins and outs of SEO writing and marketing along with social media marketing.

During her free time she develops her other passions. As one third of the PowHERhouse girls, she organizes free or low cost events that bring value to the community. She also enjoys reading and writing fiction. Will she publish a novel one day? Maybe!

What is nickyvaldes.com?

In this website you'll find Nicky's personal blog where she writes about stuff she's really into like, movies, music, the metaphysical, books, self-love, herself, more of herself, books, naps, chocolate chip cookies, cats and much, much, much more. Find out if you qualify as her ideal reader here.

You'll find her travel page, An Anxious Girl's Guide to Travel, where she records all her triumphs and missteps (mostly missteps) while traveling the world.

You will also discover her portfolio where you'll learn that she is, in fact, a professional writer and has written for publications like Refinery29, Hello Giggles, and many more.