I write for a living!

I’m a professional writer here to help YOU. With over six years of experience writing in genres such as humor, self-development, fashion, and lifestyle, let’s just say, I’m a chameleon when it comes to voice. No matter the brand or publication, I can find the right style you're looking for. It’s my specialty! I am in a serious relationship with most social media and digital media outlets. As seen in Hello Giggles, Refinery29, and more!

My strengths Include: 

- Taking on different writing tones and voices
- Writing content for companies and brands
- Ghost writing and blogging
- Writing and pitching stories for online and print publications


My Dream Projects Include:

- Writing screenplays about girls and girlhood

- Writing personal essays and memoirs

- Writing a novel

Writer for Hire

I run my freelance writing service with YOU in mind. You’ve built your brand or business from the ground up, so I know it’s important to you. You work so hard on a daily basis. And I get it; you hate writing. Almost everyone does, well—except for me. So leave it to a professional who has as much passion for the written word as you have for your brand or business!

I’m a chameleon when it comes to voice so I can change things up to suit your writing needs whether it’s blogging, SEO copy, or social media! I take care in learning your specific tone and make sure to consult with you so that my copy is exactly what you're looking for. At the same time, I know that my business is your business, so I make sure to write near-perfect copy for you to share with your customers.

I also offer up a sample post FOR FREE. Can you believe it? Nothing in life is free! Yet here I am offering my first post for free… but after that, you gotta pay up. With that in mind, scroll on to see my rate-sheet where you can get a gist of the specific freelance writing services that I offer.


Co-Founder of “Don’t Tell Me What to Do” Networking Event!

“Don’t Tell Me What to Do“ is a networking event for female leaders and professionals who don’t get told what to do. Our aim to bring value to free networking events geared toward women. Basically, we just want everyone to have fun while connecting and hanging out with cool women who do their dang thing. Below is a video from our first event. Check it out!

Hire me!

Email: nicole@nickyvaldes.com