I run my freelance writing service with YOU in mind. You’ve built your brand or business from the ground up, so I know it’s important to you. You work so hard on a daily basis. And I get it; you hate writing. Almost everyone does, well—except for me. So leave it to a professional who has as much passion for the written word as you have for your brand or business!

I’m a chameleon when it comes to voice so I can change things up to suit your writing needs whether it’s blogging, SEO copy, or social media! I take care in learning your specific tone and make sure to consult with you so that my copy is exactly what you're looking for. At the same time, I know that my business is your business, so I make sure to write near-perfect copy for you to share with your customers.

I also offer up a sample post FOR FREE. Can you believe it? Nothing in life is free! Yet here I am offering my first post for free… but after that, you gotta pay up. With that in mind, scroll on to see my rate-sheet where you can get a gist of the specific freelance writing services that I offer.


Interested? Email me: Nicole@NickyValdes.com


Put my writing skills to the test by giving me free rein of your dating profile. Listen, I so get it, your dating profile is already a magnificent work of art. But are you portraying yourself in the best light? Are you matching with the right people? Sometimes all it takes is a second pair of eyes. My eyes, in fact.

Your magnificent work of art profile will become iconic with my help—Mona Lisa status, baby! To me, dating apps aren’t a game, no matter the algorithm. If you’re looking to put yourself out there, then you need a profile that’ll make the right person stop and take notice. Even though online dating can feel inauthentic, I believe in sincerity and wearing your heart on your sleeve, which I will happily show you how to do.


After a FREE consultation, I’ll use my writing skills to work so that you put your best foot forward in any “about me“ section. I’ll learn what makes you tick to help you get the right words out there.

Who are you, really, and who are you trying to portray? These are all questions I’ll ask as we search through your photos to find the best ones for your profile! Don’t have any pictures? Hello, this is why you hired me. I’ll take care of that.

The best part? I work fast, so my rates aren’t astronomical. It all depends on you and what you want—I’ll happily work with you.

Interested in having a better, more fulfilling dating life? Email me: Nicole@NickyValdes.com