Getting Back to It!

Yup, dear reader, the rumors are true…

I’m back!

I'm bigger and better...

And more willing to talk about myself than ever!

I know, I know, I was gone for so long! You missed me! I know. I missed you, too.

So what’s different this time, Nicky? Are you really going to stick around and give us that “stellar” content you’re always going on and on and on about?

Yes, for the most part! I came to a realization recently. I love the written word. More importantly, I love writing the written word. My own words… mostly about myself. I thought I’d dust off that ‘ol blog of mine and get back to it.

So, here we are! Am I blogging (bogbling, babglinbg, babbling) for good? I want to! I want to write up a storm for you guys, but you know me, dear reader. I come and go as I please.

Either way, I suggest you keep up with me on my blog and Instagram for content about things like my adventures around the world as an anxious person (Anxious peeps, this one's for you! How did I navigate? How did I make it out alive? Where will I go next?). 

Also keep up with me for my thoughts on stuff like movies, books, and restaurants, along with a few "best of" lists! Learn about my life as a remote worker, and my love of THINGS (who needs experiences or people or love when THINGS exists?)! 

Finally, listen to me babble on about the most important topic, ME (bc it's my blog and I make the rules, bucko!)! 

It’s the good stuff you love in one compact blog. So preparate. Get excited. Do a little dance (okay, that's enough of the dance. You look pretty dumb, tbh) because I'm BACK and it's a pretty big deal. 

With that, I must bid adieu to you and you and yooohoooo. But, before I go, I need to know, what would YOU like to see on this blog? (I know, right? For once it's not about moi)! 

I’ll be right here next Wednesday with a new post! See ya then!

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