Unpopular, but Totally Awesome Opinion: My E-Reader Rules!

If you’re a book lover who’s all about romance and dreams of having an at-home library the size of the one in The Beauty and the Beast, this post is not for you. If you’re a book lover who’s all about living your damn life the way you want to live it, this IS the post for you.

Dearest reader, I love my e-reader. I have no shame in admitting it. Every time I turn it on and that screen lights up my face, pure joy enters my heart, body—you get it.

Listen, don’t hate. Physical books are cool. They smell good, you can hold them in your hands, they have words in actual INK, you can set it on fire once you’re done with them etc. Books are a novelty… I get it. I really do! It’s just that my e-reader is way cooler! No, no, seriously! And like any good writer, I have some opinion based evidence that’ll prove my point! Read on to learn more!

I Can Read in the Dark- I’m all about things (who needs people or experiences or love when THINGS exist?), but I’m not about extra accouterments for reading a book in the dark. A reading light? Too bulky, too big! Where will I store it? I’d rather destroy my eyes with the backlit LED of my beloved e-reader.

E-Readers are Convenient- I love the library. How can I not? It smells so good, it’s quiet, and full of library crazies who talk themselves when you’re trying to work. There was a time where I used to take books out of the library, and it’d take FOREVER for me to get ahold of said book. There was always a waiting list. I’d have to wait weeks to read the new Rainbow Rowell book. WEEKS.

It’s 2017. Instant gratification is the name of the game. The second I finished The White Princess by Phillipa Gregory on my e-reader, and I mean the second, I went on to read American Gods. You guys! Two books that inspired Starz TV shows all in the same night!  Hours of entertainment and so much easier than waiting for the lib! E-reader for the wiiiin!

E-Readers Are Compact- I wasn’t a true convert until I went on my infamous solo trip through Europe. I knew e-books were around, but I was still checking out those pesky library books. Before I left, I knew I was going to be reading a lot with all those long train, plane, and automobile trips I’d be taking. No bulky books for me! I bit the bullet and got my e-reader. It was so compact; it fit in my super tight 30Liter Osprey travelers bag without a problem. It went with me from Sevilla to Lyon and then later to Italy and Greece. Amazing!

That's me above Santorini's famous bookstore, Atlantis Books, reading from my e-reader. No books for me! I'm a rebel, my people! 

E-Readers Can Work As Weapons- I like to read in the dead of night when the entire house is asleep. Everything’s all creaky and dark. The light of my e-book gives my room some illumination and comforts me. At the same time, I can read soundly knowing that if there ever was an intruder in my home, I could always use my e-reader for protection. I’ve been working on my hurlin’ arm, people!

Thet's it for me! What do you prefer to read on? Books? E-readers? Let me know in the comments section! Til next time!